Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chinese 2013 white paper on human rights have issued

Information office of the state council have issued white paper which called 2013 the development of Chinese hunman rights, comprehensively expounding the achievements in all aspects of Chinese human rights. White paper says, in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Chinese human rights make new progress and move forward a higher goal.
White paper are about 21 thousand words, introduces the achievements of Chinese human rights with large amount of data and facts, include: Development rights , social security rights, democratic rights, freedom of speech rights, human rights, minority rights, disabled rights, environmental rights, foreign exchange and cooperation of human rights.
White paper says in the year of 2013, the communist party of China and the Chinese government adhere to the national conditions and reality, in order to boost social fairness and justice, improve people’s welfare as the starting point and the foothold, comprehensively deepen reform, promote the development of economic society and culture undertakings, ensure people’s right of equal participation and equal development, make development more fair and benefit for all the people. Chinese development and progress make each of fellow citizens have the opportunity of self-development and serve the society, enjoy brilliant life and dreams come true.