Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Search for missing diver continues in Bali

Rescuers in Indonesia say they will make every effort to find a missing Japanese woman in waters off Bali.

Shoko Takahashi is one of the 7 Japanese women, who went missing during a diving excursion on Friday off Lembongan Island, near the resort island of Bali. Five have been rescued and one was found dead.

Rescuers will suspend the search for Takahashi at sunset, but will resume it at dawn on Thursday. No trace of her has yet been found.

One of the 5 survivors has been discharged from hospital. The other 4 women are recuperating.

The rescued Japanese scuba divers said they finished diving earlier than scheduled but found they had already been swept a long distance away.

They said they swam towards Bali for about 30 minutes but stopped because they thought it would be very difficult to reach the island.

They added after 28 hours of drifting, they reached a rock near Penida Island.

They said they encouraged one another and endured the lack of water and the cold at night.

The 5 did not say how they lost sight of the 2 other scuba divers in the sea. They said they hope Takahashi will be found as soon as possible.