Monday, February 3, 2014

SDF chief of staff meets US Pacific Command chief

The heads of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces' Joint Staff and the US Pacific Command have agreed that their forces should further strengthen their ties.

The two officials met at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo on Monday morning.

The SDF's head of the Joint Staff Shigeru Iwasaki said it's an honor for him to discuss how the two countries should deepen trust between them.

Admiral Samuel Locklear said he appreciates the close relations between the 2 sides and that he looks forward to discussing how the two countries should maintain and strengthen their alliance.

The Japanese government adopted new defense guidelines in December.

They call for reviewing the Japan-US defense cooperation guidelines as well as strengthening cooperation with the US over cyber attacks and other issues.

During the meeting, the two officials were expected to exchange views on the situation in the Asia Pacific region as well as how their countries will strengthen ties.

Admiral Locklear is scheduled to visit SDF bases in Japan from Tuesday.