Friday, February 14, 2014

Report: New form of labor camps in use in China

Chinese media say some cities in the country are apparently using a new form of labor camp to re-educate people critical of the government and the Communist Party.

The Beijing News reported on Thursday that facilities called reprimand centers are filling the role of the much-criticized labor camps abolished last December.

The daily said new facilities have been set up in Henan Province for detention without judicial procedures. The facilities are reportedly holding people who complained to the government of corrupt officials and land seizures.

The report mentions a resident who claimed being held for 5 days without legal steps.

China's re-education through labor system began in the 1950s as an administrative step to detain minor offenders without an open trial for up to 4 years.

The Chinese government says the system's abolition marked progress in human rights protection and the rule of law.

But the report has triggered an outpouring of fresh criticism on the Internet against the alleged abuse of power to suppress opposition.