Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nepal elects Sushil Koirala new prime minister

Nepal's parliament has elected a new prime minister after coalition talks following November's national elections. The new leader will be responsible for reviving stalled nation-building efforts, including the enactment of a new constitution.

The country's lawmakers on Monday voted to elect Nepali Congress party leader Sushil Koirala the next prime minister.

Nepal had been without a legislature since May of 2012 when an assembly tasked with drafting a constitution was dissolved without fulfilling its mission.

In the last election, the Nepali Congress party won the most votes but fell short of securing a majority. It has been discussing forming a coalition with the second-place Unified Marxist-Leninist Party.

Political groups in the country have been at odds over presidential powers and local administration systems. Koirala expressed the hope that the new constitution will take effect within a year.

Nepal abolished its monarchy and became a republic in 2008 after a 10-year civil war.