Saturday, February 8, 2014

Millions Filipinos still displaced after typhoon

More than 4 million people in the Philippines are still living in shelters 3 months after a powerful typhoon hit central parts of the country.

In November, Typhoon Haiyan caused one of the worst-ever storm surges of over 7 meters on Leyte Island and other parts of the central Philippines. The storm has left 7,986 people dead or missing.

In Leyte Island's main city of Tacloban, power supply has resumed only in some parts of the island.

About 30,000 homes on the island still lack electricity due to the slow progress of recovery work. The figure is equal to more than 70 percent of all households.

Many evacuees have no other choice but to live in tents as construction of temporary housing has been delayed.

The housing project is being reviewed after complaints that completed units are too small.

A mother with 8 family members said it's difficult for all of them to sleep under one roof, so some of them have to sleep outdoors.

Food prices remain high with some fresh foods being sold at about double the usual prices. Security has worsened as people are increasingly worried about their livelihoods.