Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Japanese firm to operate bus service in Vietnam

Vietnam is stepping up efforts to strengthen its transportation infrastructure as its economy expands. Officials in a southern province have decided to make use of Japanese know-how in running public transportation systems.

Traffic congestion in Vietnam is getting worse as the urban population increases on the back of the country's economic growth.

Sources say officials in Binh Duong Province have given the go-ahead to transit operator and construction company Tokyu Group to set up a bus service.

Tokyu will establish a local subsidiary for the purpose.

The company is currently working on a large-scale urban development project in the province that includes condominiums and commercial facilities.

The subsidiary plans to operate a 20-kilometer bus route starting in May.

The sources say Tokyu will be the first Japanese firm to run a public transportation system in Vietnam. Japanese firms are hoping the move will lead to more exports of transit infrastructure and technology.