Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Iran, 6 powers begin 2nd day of nuclear talks

Iran and 6 world powers are working towards consensus on Tehran's nuclear program in the second day of their current round of talks.

The 3-day meeting kicked off on Tuesday in Vienna. The aim is to arrive at comprehensive agreement to limit Iran's nuclear development, but the country insists on its nuclear rights.

On the first day, representatives discussed a basic framework for the negotiations, such as agenda items and timetables.

Senior officials from the United States and Iran also held separate talks. Details of these discussions have yet to be released.

The United States and 5 other world powers are likely using the meeting to urge Iran to further limit nuclear activities and halt construction of heavy-water reactor. They have raised concerns that Iran's nuclear program includes weapons development.

Iran is likely to reject this central demand. The focus will be on just how much the countries can narrow the gaps between their positions to pave the way for a final agreement.