Thursday, February 13, 2014

Indonesians learn disaster control in Japan

Indonesian trainees who studied disaster preparation in tsunami-hit Japan say they will launch their own community volunteer groups based on what they learned.

Two trainees from Banda Aceh City, devastated by a tsunami in 2004, visited Higashi Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture to learn how to prepare for natural disasters. The city also suffered major damage when an earthquake and tsunami struck in March 2011.

The trainees on Wednesday gave a presentation about what they learned over the past year.

Yuli Martunis explained that in Banda Aceh, people have rebuilt houses in coastal areas without sufficient measures to guard against tsunami.

He said he had been inspired by the people of Higashi Matsushima, who have voluntarily organized community groups to put plans in place for natural catastrophes.

He also said he will suggest using local schools as emergency shelters in Banda Aceh.