Monday, February 17, 2014

China Nobel laureate's wife expelled from hospital

The wife of China's jailed Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo has been forced to leave a hospital, despite her need for a health examination.

Liu Xia has been under house arrest in Beijing since her husband won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010. Liu Xiaobo is serving an 11 year sentence for promoting democracy.

Liu Xia is suffering from depression as well as heart problems caused by a lengthy term under house arrest.

According to her lawyer, she was rushed to a hospital in Beijing last Saturday for an expected two weeks of treatment.

But the following day she was forced to leave the hospital.
Her lawyer says hospital officials may have been pressured by authorities. He also says that Liu Xia and her relatives want her to get a health examination outside the country.

International human rights organizations, as well as the United States and European countries, are urging China to immediately end her house arrest, which they say has no legal basis.