Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Abe cabinet support rate down to 52%

An NHK poll shows that the support rate for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet has dropped to 52 percent, down 2 percentage points from the previous month.

The disapproval rate was up 2 percentage points, to 33 percent.

NHK conducted a telephone survey of 1,577 people aged 20 or older from Friday to Sunday. 64 percent responded.

61 percent of the respondents said they either approve or somewhat approve of the cabinet's economic policies. 35 percent said they disapprove or somewhat disapprove of them.

Asked whether they feel the economy is on a recovery track, 15 percent said they do. 49 percent said they do not, and 34 percent were undecided.

The poll also asked about a government plan to allow nuclear power plants to resume operations after the Nuclear Regulation Authority confirms their safety.

24 percent said they support the plan, while 38 percent said they are against it. 34 percent were undecided.