Monday, February 17, 2014

4 more Japanese divers rescued in Indonesia

The safety of 5 Japanese divers has been confirmed in Indonesia, where they had been unaccounted for since Friday, along with 2 others.

Rescue workers had been searching for 5 tourists and 2 local instructors who went missing while scuba diving off Lembongan Island, southeast of Bali.

Officials of the Japanese Consulate-General on Bali say one of the missing women, instructor Saori Furukawa, was taken to a hospital on Bali on Monday. The officials confirmed that she was safe.

Meanwhile, emergency officials say 4 other women were found on Monday on some rocks near Penida Island, about 20 kilometers southeast of Lembongan.

They were rescued and taken on stretchers to ambulances, and transported to a hospital on Bali.

Other Japanese instructors who joined the rescue operation say the 4 women are alive.

The names and physical conditions of the women are not yet known.