Sunday, July 14, 2013 on The Widely Cooperation Between the Microsoft and NSA on The Widely Cooperation Between the Microsoft and NSA
A new report according to the paper revealed by the contractor ex-employee of NSA((National Security Agency) Edward J. Snowden said the range of the cooperation between the Microsoft and NSA in more wide than that has been admitted. Every time they modified the encryption and related software technology, the Microsoft would set permission to NSA and ensure they can visit the newest customers' data.
The news from, according to the NSA Internal Confidential Documents provided by Snowden, Guardian's report said that the Microsoft helped NSA find a way to circumvent the encryption used by on the online chat function.And they also provided NSA the permission to enter the Outlook e-mail including Hotmail, said by Guardian.
Guardian did not publish the NSA document they quoted from. It said that the Microsoft permitted FBI to enter their SkyDrive service which owned millions of users.
Guardian said that the Microsoft cooperated with FBI and studied how Outlook allowed users to set up an email alias. Besides, Skype which has already belonged to the Microsoft also has cooperated with the government and help them collect videos and voice dialogue materials. It also reported that NSA shared information gathered by "Prism" with FBI and CIA.
The Microsoft said in one statement that they would only allow the parties concerned entered their system when they got the court's order./Mei Zhu