Sunday, July 14, 2013

Who Will Guarantee Our Basic Right- Our Lives?

A 25-year-old soldier, Lee Rigby from Middleton, was killed in Woolwich, south-east London, in May. This event had shocked the whole world: In broad daylight an England solider was killed by two men bloodily they killed this solider just like they were cutting meat. The murders didn't escape, on the contrary they asked the passersby to take photos for their action. Some witnesses said that the murders cut off the soldier's head with slogan "Allah Akbar". According to some witnesses the murder seemed to be very proud and they didn't have the tendency to escape. The BBC stated that this attack itself can lead to wide range fear for the killer is the people who you can meet at the British street and the lethal weapon they used are those they can get easily.
    Britain has not raised the alert level of anti-terrorist, but the whole country now is doing something to deal with this event. British Prime Minister David Cameron had finished the visit to France ahead of schedule to hold a national security meeting. However, the media of Britain said pessimistically it seemed difficult for Britain to defeat this kind of "Lone Wolf" terrorist act.
   Though only one person was killed in this incident, but destruction of humans' heart is not less serious than a powerful bomb.    
   In today's society, our most basic right- living right cannot be guaranteed. This kind of evident not only happened in Britain. It happens all over the world. Whom we will trust? And who will be responsible for this tragic incident? Every one of us should have a deep consideration as well as the goverment.