Friday, July 12, 2013

Thompson has left the in 2012

Thompson has left the in 2012
The former president of BBC, Mark Thompson said that The BBC Trust knew the fact that former vice President Byford
got the severance packages of 949 thousand pounds when he quitted.
Previously, The chairman of BBC Trust, Chris Patten said when questioned by lawmakers that he was astonished after informed that BBC paid the former executives enormously.
He said to the house of Commons committee of public spending the day before:"If you invite former BBC President to inquiry, I would like to know, just like you ,why we have no idea of the related situation?"
However, the former BBC president, Mark Thompson said now that The BBC Trust had received "written and verbal notice".
The severance packages
The BBC((British Broadcasting Company) has paid 150 left senior executives severance packages summed up to 25 million pounds.
The related information has exposed by the UK national audit office report early this month which has caused the British public uproar.
The former president of BBC, Mark Thompson has left there in 2012 and now work for American 'New York Times'.
He issued a written statement and expressed that he personnally greatly look forward to submit the fact in front of the commission on public spending. But as for some description of yesterday's inquiry is inconsistent with the facts, he has to immediately clarify.
Definite notice
He said, The BBC Trust did get an definite notice about the executives severance payment.
" The e-mail sent from my office to the head of the Trust can clearly illustrate it."
"Not only for this e-mail, the detail content about compensation to layoffs has also been sent to the Trust several days before Executive compensation committee has had meeting for the proposal of the severance bills.
"I am sure that The BBS Trust know the inside story and understand all the questions which may cause debate."/Mei Zhu