Sunday, July 14, 2013

Snowden Requests Political Asylum in Russia

Snowden Requests Political Asylum in Russia
The ex-employee of the U.S. intelligence community, Snowden met with Russian and International Human rights delegates as well as eminent lawyers in the staging area of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport on July 12. At their session, Snowdon expressed the hope to stay in Russia.
Sheremetyevo Airport security department said, as originally planned, the session began exactly in the Moscow time 17 o'clock(Beijing time 21 o'clock) on the 12th with 13 persons attending this closed-door meeting. Meeting Participation
included Russian State Duma lawmaker Nikonov, Russian Human rights full-fledged member Lukin and International Human rights delegates and some lawyers.
Russian media quoted from the the participants' words that Snowden expressed in the meeting that he could not fly to Latin America and hoped to stay in Russia. He also asked legal professionals to help him to seek Political Asylum here.
Against Snowden's latest request, Russian President's press secretary Peskov said on the day that the Kremlin had not receive any application about Snowden's Political Asylum.But the requirement that Russia provided him Political Asylum did not change.
The staff attended meeting later will hold briefing.At press time, there are still hundreds of journalists gather in Sheremetyevo Airport./Mei Zhu