Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justin Bieber Apologizes to Clinton

As the office of the former president Clinton confirmed on July 11, the North American pop singer Justin Bieber has already apologized to Clinton for insulting Clinton's photos.

TMZ10, specialized in reporting the entertaining news, recently put a video showing that Bieber ,after crossing a hotel kitchen in New York City with several teens, urinated into a mop bucket and then sprayed the detergent on Clinton's photos with insulting word.

At the night of exposing the video, Bieber left a message in the blog thanking Clinton for his "not rushing to talk about this matter". Bieber told this former president that: "your words are very important as an amazing person."

Clinton's office stated on July 11 that Bieber had made a call to "apologize to Clinton and is willing to make contributions to Clinton Foundations."

Bierber is 19 years old, Canadian. This is not the first time he has made trouble. Early in this week, he went to a Chicago       nightclub. And then the club charger was cited by the police for allowing Bieber who are not old enough in. The nightclub will be fined $ 1000. /Zhangyan