Friday, July 12, 2013

Instagram launches function of embedding videos and photos

Instagram launches function of embedding videos and photos

The photo sharing platform, Instagram , subordinate of Face book, announced on Wednesday that they would launch the function of embedding videos and photos ,allowing the users to share videos and photo from whole website.  

Last month, Instagram launched the video function to compete with Vine ,subordinate of Twitter, which was complained lacking an important ability to allow users to embed videos from other place. Instagram says, there are users who often express their dissatisfaction that they don't want to embed the photos and videos only after being trained like software engineer. With the appearance of the new function on Wednesday, users will be able to easily share anything they want in Instagram as the same as in any other digital delivery service.

Instagram also launched a new sharing button which allows users embed pictures into anywhere they want. Meanwhile, the advertising businessmen tend to make full use of this new button to attract customers. Instagram hopes to establish a operation which can make money by conquering the visual social sharing world.

The way the new function operates is that when users visit an Instagram photo or video page through the network, you can see a new sharing button on the right . Click the button and you will see the embed code. Copy the text and paste them in blogs, website or articles. Then press the release button and photos and videos can be seen./Zhang Yan