Sunday, July 14, 2013

Heathrow Airport Fire

On July 12, 2013, an Ethiopian airline Boeing 787 Dream liner got fired at Heathrow Airport of London. This air accident had made the stock of Boeing fell by 4.7%.  
    According to BBC, this plane was empty with no passengers. At present the runway of Heathrow Airport has been closed and many flights are influenced by the fir accident. The reason of the fire is not clear and it is on investigation. NTSB will send some representatives to assist the investigation of the fire.
    The flight fire accident has raised some doubt about the technology of this type of plane which has relieved the ban of taking off not long ago. Boeing spokesman has not given any comment so far. This plane now was parked at a distant tarmac. Though it has the plan to take off, it will not fly in recent time.
    This week there had happened two great flight accidents, some days ago Asiana Airlines got an accident which had led to two deaths of Chinese students. Is it the time we should have a deep reflection? Who will be responsible for the tragic accident? We should feel lucky for this fir accident of Boeing 787 Dream liner didn't lead to any death and hurt.