Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gavin Lloyd Henson Punched by New Bath Team-Mate

Gavin Lloyd Henson is a Welsh rugby union player, who currently plays for Bath Rugby. A few days ago, there was news about Gavin Lloyd Henson punched by New Bath team-mate. Bath is investigating this incident. The controversial former Wales international was hit at the Pig and Fiddle pub where he was drinking with a group of nine friends on Wednesday night. However, police responding following an allegation of aggressive behavior both Henson and Fearns left the pub and there was no offence being investigated.
    The Pig and Fiddle rejected to make comment on the incident, but eye-witnesses branded it 'disgusting' and accused of former Wales international Henson of arrogantly 'swanning around'.
     Some people present said: "They seemed like they were all having a good time, apart from Henson who was strutting around like he owned the place" after the hit "Henson went out like a light for about five minutes. He just lay there like a lump, right on the floor".
    According to some report, this was not the first time that Henson had conflict with team mate or made himself in trouble while  drinking. In 2005, he was forced to apologize for his negative comments. Two years later he was accused of disorderly conduct on a train from London to Cardiff.  
    We can say Gavin Lloyd Henson is a person with many incidents.