Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bored, Journalists interview each other and gamble waiting Kate’s parturition

Do you know who British now care about most? Princess Kate and her baby.

And who the media want most? Also Kate and the new generation of the royalty she will give birth to.

As British media reported on July 11, the day of July 12 is Kate's due date, but journalists from different countries seem too bored to wait for long time.

Journalists have waiting for news for completely a week outside the hospital. So bored are they that they begin to interview each other: British journalists interview the American journalists and Japanese interview Canadian who then interview Germany. Photographers are even freer that they put the filming ladders on the roadside and then take photos of them.

Besides, journalists have organized some "gambling" only within the media workers on such things as the baby's name and hair color, etc. As can be seen on the board at the roadside, James becomes the most popular name for a boy, Alexandra for a girl./Zhang Yan