Friday, July 12, 2013 The US Unemployment Rate Is Predicted to A Steady Decrease The US Unemployment Rate Is Predicted to A Steady Decrease
Investigation of shows that US economic growth is accelerating, and the unemployment rate is expected to decline below 7.0%. The result suggests that it may not be long for the Fed to cut down bond purchases.
Most economists expected that the Fed would cut down the bond purchase scale of 85 billion dollars in september. This consistents with the investigation towards American bond primary dealers.
This investigation started before the Fed announced the policy meeting minutes of June on Wednesday (July 10). Such an announcement brings some questions to how fast the Fed should decline the monetary intensity.
The chairman of the Fed, Bernanke even said in another occasion in Wednesday evening:"Highly accommodative monetary policy is still necessary in the foreseeable future." This statement fueled the stock and bond advances,as well as the greenback falls.
The analysist of said:" As the bond market have to adapt to the dats without quantitative easing, the economic and fanancial market will have a large fluctuation." /Mei Zhu