Sunday, July 14, 2013

Asier Illarramendi Joins Real Madrid

Beijing time at 8:30 PM on July 12, the Spanish Real Sociedad held a news conference that Real Madrid will sign Illarramendi to their club with a total € 38 million. Illarramendi is a Spanish star of the future. Accompanied by the chairman of Real Sociedad, Illarramendi attended the news conference. When talked to the sign with Real Madrid, he shed tears, may be he was moved or his appreciation to the cultivation of Real Sociedad for so many years. He said: "This is my important opportunity and I can't reject. I love Real Sociedad but I have to make a decision, Real Madrid is also my dream place."
    Illarramendi has revealed the reason that he joins Real Madrid. When he was on his holiday, Real Madrid has talked to him and he thinks a lot. It made him difficult to make a choice, though many members of Real Sociedad urged him to stay in Real Sociedad, he thought it was a great opportunity, in his opinion joining in Real Madrid will be a good thing for his career.
    Of course the Spanish Real Sociedad didn't agree to sell their player and they want all their members to stay. They had told Real Madrid they would not negotiate, and also said the same thing to Asier and his agents. But it seemed impossible Asier had made the decision to join Real Madrid.
    From this negotiation, we can say Real Sociedad had lost a great player and this will bring them a great influence on their team. However, Real Madrid had got a great player. We believe Asier will bring them much benefit.