Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Analysis on Worldwide Regional Web Search for ""

   Analysis on Worldwide Regional Web Search for ""
   "" is the official website of Bendigo Bank, an Australian financial institution founded in 1858 in Bendigo, Australia Melbourne, Australia. It is primarily a retailing bank. There are many customer service outlets across Australia. Branch banking, online banking, ATMs, online applications and online share trading are all the operations of Bendigo Bank. It is widely distributed in many regions of Australia. In November 2007, the company merged with Adelaide Bank. After the merging, the bank now has over 400 branches. The original headquarter is in Melbourne Docklands, Ipswich, Queensland and Adelaide, South Australia, and now the national headquarter is in the city of Bendigo. The following article is the analysis of its distributions in Australia.

    The main regions that receive the web search volume are in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales. These areas are all in the eastern part of Australia, the internal middle doesn't have any search volume. Victoria has the largest search volume compared with other areas. The capital is Melbourne and the headquarter of Bendigo Bank locates in Melbourne, so it is not strange that Victoria has the largest search volume. Queensland ranks just after Victoria. It is the second largest state in Australia and there are over 400 bank branches of Bendigo Bank in Victoria and Queensland.


    Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney are the top four cities on the search volume list. Most of these cities are in the eastern costal part of Australia. Melbourne is the headquarter of Bendigo Bank, so it ranks first on then list. What's more economic trade here is prosperous. Perth is after Melbourne on the list, it is the only one city in the western part of the list. It is the capital of Western Australia. Perth is famous for tourism, so the income of tourism is very big.