Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Analysis on Worldwide Regional Web Search for ""

"" is the website of Commonwealth Bank, is also its official website It is an Australian multinational bank founded in Sydney. Australia in 1911. It was a government bank at the beginning, and then became a public company in 1991. It has many operations including retail, funds management, superannuation and etc. Now it has become the second largest listed company on the securities in Australia. The operations have expanded to the whole world. Focus areas include Environmental Stewardship, sustainable business practices, responsible finical services and engaged and talented people.

  The main search region is Australia. New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia are some areas that receive a larger search volume in Australia. Except the middle internal part area, almost all regions have some search volume. New South Wales is the number 1 region. The headquarter of Commonwealth Bank locates in Sydney, and Sydney is in New South Wales. So the search volume here is larger than other four areas. Victoria ranks after New South Wales, it is in the southern part of New South Wales. The economy takes up 25% of the whole economy in Australia. The industry in this state has become one of the most developed states in Australia. So it must have many financial links with the bank.

   Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth are the top five cities on the city search volume list. Most of the cities are in the southeast part of Australia. The weather here is comfortable for living, so the population here is larger than the middle internal part. Sydney ranks number 1 on the list, first the headquarter locates here, second the economy is very prosperous. It is the economic, financial, and transportation center, also the important financial center. So the business trade degree is higher than other four cities.



 What information can we get from the analysis? Australia is a big business trade country, especially in the southeastern part. It is an exporting country with various products.